Vapor Barrier – Moisture Proof Packaging Services

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What Is Vapor Barrier?

Vapor barrier is foil material that resists diffusion of moisture, water vapor and other airborne contaminants. It’s used in many different industries as a damp-proofing layer to protect many different types of assets.

What Vapor Barrier services can do for you?

  • Protection of static sensitive devices & assemblies.
  • Maintain integrity of metal parts by keeping them clean, corrosion-free and ready to use.
  • Total climatic protection for any dry product.

International Shipping

Without the use of Vapor Barrier Items that have metal surfaces or sensitive electronics can be severely damaged from salt water and humidity corrosion. Ocean liners and their cargo are subject to the perils of the sea including storms and ocean spray potentially damaging items from salt water or ocean air. It is also common for overseas shipments to sit on cargo docks and possibly be exposed to high levels of humidity depending on their destination.

Vapor Barrier Bagging For Any Shipping Situation

Vapor barrier bagging is not only important for international or truck shipping, but air shipments as well. Without the total climate protection of vapor barrier packaging the extreme changes in altitude and temperature can cause the equipment to be prone to excessive condensation, which means without barrier bagging, it will arrive rusted.

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