Experienced Crating Services in Memphis

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced crating company in Memphis to fully manage your commercial shipping project? Craters & Freighters has all the shipping services you need. Whether you’re shipping big machines, sensitive medical equipment, or fragile IT gear, we can handle it. Think it’s too heavy, hazardous, or delicate? We’re up for the challenge, no matter where it’s headed to.

Crating with Care

Craters & Freighters Memphis has a team of crating and packaging experts that deliver on their promise to get your valuables to their final destination safely. Whether you’re in need of industrial crating services or freight crating services, we know exactly what we need to do to design and engineer custom wooden crates that get the job done.

Your tailored crate will come outfitted with all the necessary supports including blocking, bracing, and padding, to ensure a safe, secure transport throughout the unpredictable shipping stream. Our goal is not only to meet industry standards, but to surpass them.

What you’ll get with custom crating from Craters & Freighters in Memphis:

  • Comprehensive crating, packaging, and shipping services
  • Specialists who are insightful, experienced, and knowledgeable, always keeping an eye on the details
  • Logistic experts
  • Above-par customer service
  • A team who always has safety and compliance at the forefront
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Protection Where It Matters Most

With decades of experience comes a lot of ability, and Craters & Freighters Memphis has both. We know the rough terrain of the shipping stream and we take proactive measures to ensure your custom crating needs are met. Our engineers provide cushioning and supports that will stand up to the elements and protect your belongings throughout their journey.

No matter the level of difficulty, we welcome your challenging shipping projects. Call us at 646-862-0423 to learn more about our custom services, including:

Crating Services – completely customized wooden crating designs combined with the proper padding and supports for almost any asset you have

Wood Crates & Shipping Containers – if your asset needs stronger, more rigid, and durable container options, our crating company has the solutions

ISPM 15 Certified Wood Crates – we know how to get your international shipments into their country of destination, meeting codes and requirements with ease

On-Site Crating – if your excessively large, heavy, or hazardous items can’t make it to our facility, we can come to you for on-site crate design and build

Server Rack & Electronics Crating – all of your tech equipment, IT gear, and electronics will have an easy, reliable transport process if shipped in one of our specially designed crates

Museum Crating – find crating solutions that include comprehensive exhibit and museum packing and crating services

Art Crating – we support auctioneers and collectors, moving and shipping the most delicate and valuable antiques and fine art nationally and internationally

Reusable & Trade Show Crates – for assets shipped on a regular basis, our crating company provides reusable and trade show crates

Custom Wood Crates in Memphis, TN

Craters & Freighters are true industry leaders with teams of companies and individuals depending on our services, experience, and staff. We’re consistently reliable no matter the size of the asset or where the asset needs to go. Our custom wood crate builders have the skill set that necessitates safe, secure transport.

We’ve served our community for decades now which means we’ve learned how to precisely manage and support thousands of crating and packaging needs. Oversized machinery, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, life-saving medical devices, heavy industrial equipment, we make these challenging projects look easy.

Tailored Crating Solutions

Three Decades of Experience

On-Site Packaging and Crating Services in Memphis

Craters & Freighters is the go-to shipping and crating company in the Memphis area. We’re well-versed in the successful packaging of almost any asset you have. We realize that many of those assets may be difficult or impossible to get to our facility. That’s okay, we’ll come to you.

We have all we need to design and engineer the custom crate you need for your shipping project. Building on-site doesn’t mean integrity is sacrificed. Your items will receive the exact same level of protection it would at our warehouse.

Any Crating and Packing Need Covered

With our array of tailored services, our personalized attention to your project, our group of specialists who can handle every aspect of your shipping needs and goals, Craters & Freighters Memphis should be your next call. Our custom wood crating and shipping services are truly unbeatable and we’d like the opportunity to prove it to you. Call us today and let’s get your shipment moving.

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